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About Us

Over the 25years, we have been experienced many different ways of Lighting and Electrical business.  Our business started from manufacturing of Incandescent/Fluorescent/Halogen bulbs and sold Light bulb manufacturing Machineries to world market.  Later on our business had expanded to Light Fixture field so we have experienced the lighting products and Electrical Parts whole sale business in USA local and international market for many years. 

We supply full line of lighting products to the commercial and residential trade of LED & Traditional Light bulbs and Ballasts/Drivers/Transformers/Batteries/Light Fixtures/and all Electrical parts including distribution products. We now have been developing more detailed electrical products and electronic products to supply to our customer’s needs.  We do also carry many different utility products and safety products/ machining components for residential and industrial.  We are ready to get you all the items you need even though we don’t advertize on our web-site.

We are running on these below philosophies of brighten world with best service in this new millennium.

  1. Correct Goods to replacement or new installation.
  2. Customized Designing
  3. Cost Efficiency
  4. Faster delivery
  5. High Performance
  6. Exceptional Services
  7. Proven Expertise

In order to light up a small light bulb in a build, Electric power supply companies provide electricity through power panels and meters.  In other words, all of the electrical power lines are supporting and existing to light up a small light inside of buildings.  We know the value of a small light.  We want to transfer the valuable things as your needs, as a light to you and to the world.

We will do our all bests to serve all of the valuable customers with the continued support and guidance.